Danielle & James // Wedding in Capri

“Sì: canterò di te, verde Anacapri; dirò di quel silenzio che ti chiude come una veste, canterò la pace che in te fluisce, come una veste, canterò la pace che in te fluisce, come fosse un sangue dolce e benigno, senza turbamento. Dirò della ginestra che incorona la montagna, dell’elce e del carrubo che hanno si grata l’ombra nel meriggio: dirò del fico d’india, che le palme aperte offre alle stimate del sole. Ma ora è tardi: già declina il giorno e l’ombre fanno azzurra la montagna. Senti quel lieve pigolio d’uccelli, quello sfrascare basso tra i cespugli? S’è fatto tardi ormai: bisogna andare. Ecco già su Tiberio un po’ di luna nuova, una virgola appena: è luna nuova. Un’altra volta… Or io discenderò per quella via tra la montagna e il mare e una lucciola avrò per compagnia.” - Alma Siracusa Vuotto

It is not easy to describe the emotion experienced at the wedding of Danielle and James on the island of Capri. It’s a hot day in July when Danielle prepares at Hotel Capri Palace, while James leaves the Palace Hotel San Michele with her wedding witness in the delightful Santa Sofia church in Anacapri’s old town.
Danielle with her dad of Anacaprian origins reaches her lover James and in the beautiful church they promise eternal love.
They decided to share this day very intimately with people who love them.

Exchanged rings, a joyful applause celebrates the new couple and while all the guests go to the beautiful location Il Lido del Faro, we go with them in the beautiful Villa San Michele where we dedicate time only to them immortalizing them more in love than ever.
Then we go to the location and while we are on the road here we see the lighthouse. We have come, before us opens the view of an enchanted place, a location in the middle of the sea where the waves crash against the stone as a dip into the heart. A surreal place.
It’s the sunset time, chill out music makes it from the background. The time for some toast and here comes to dinner.
Let’s watch the night go down and the ships pass in the middle of the sea, the moon becomes brighter and Danielle and James dance near the sea, the waves blow on the rocks almost to create a scenography, their scenography. Everything is wonderful, perfect and their love is tangible.
The bride and groom then opened dances to all the guests and the party continued all night under the beautiful moon that lights the island of Capri.
Thank you guys and good life together.

Location: Lido del Faro Anacapri

Wedding Videographers: MOE films

Wedding Photographers: Nabis Photographers