Eeman & Shane // Wedding at Castello Odescalchi of Bracciano

A few miles from Rome rises the Castle of Bracciano, one of the most impressive Renaissance dwellings in Europe.
A dream location for the wedding of Eeman and Shane. He’s Scottish, she is Iranian, on 15th September 2017 they pronounced their yes in front of parents and friends.
Bride and groom prepared in two different rooms and then they started together, hand in hand, to the secret garden where the Persian ceremony took place.
Welcomed by the guests, the couple settled in front of the Sofreh, the Persian wedding banquet, their preparation was very accurate as it is believed to be a good wish for the couple’s life.

On the Sofreh, covered with a traditional white cloth can’t be missed: a big mirror, candles, spices, bread, eggs, rose water, crystallized sugar, money, a brazier and a silk towel held over the heads of the bride and groom.
Usually the banquet is facing east, where the sun is born so that the couple looks to the light.

After the ceremony the celebrations evolved: toast, smiles and dances did not wait. All people have danced on the track exercising in traditional Iranian dances in the enchanting starry night of Bracciano.

Location: Castello Odescalchi di Bracciano

Wedding Videographers: MOE films

Wedding Photographers: Nabis Photographers

Wedding planner: Sanda Pandza