Jessie & Shankar // Hindu Wedding ad Amalfi

Shankar and Jesse are a wonderful indian couple who decided to marry in the beautiful amalfi coast.
To celebrate their wedding they chose the spectacular location of the hotel cocumella, a five star hotel, overlooking the sea
Their wedding day lasted two days; the first day we had the honor of filming their dresses, characterized by colorful and elegant dresses and immediately after their indian wedding.It was a wonderful celebration; according to the ritual, the ceremony took place under a mandap, a large flower gazebo where a fire is lit as a witness to the mutual devotion of future couple.
So a long religious ceremony began, in which every aspect of future marriage life was represented.
The groom arrived in procession along with family and friends,then the bride arrived.
The priest began a series of religious rites to invoke the blessing of God on the bride and groom.They swore rings and flower garlands and ritual offerings were thrown into the sacred fire that burned, performing three ritual tours around it holding hands.
Finally, the groom grabbed the neck of the bride with a necklaces called mangala sutra, and created with the sindoor (red dust of natural origin) a small mark in the crunch of her hair and forehead, to symbolize her new condition of married woman.
After the ceremony we have time with them for a few moments only to be immortalized and then we greet you by giving us an appointment on the following day.
The next day is the day of celebration.After a delicious dinner based on indian food, the dances open, and what dances.We had a lot of fun, it was a really amazing wedding.We thank the nabis photo studio for giving us the chance to be there and thank wedinitaly, very professional wedding planners, perfect organizers.
Shankar and Jesse, what do you say, really thanks and that your life together is gorgeous.

Location: Hotel Cocumella e Castello Medievale

Wedding Videographers: MOE films

Wedding Photographers: Nabis Photographers

Wedding planner: Wedinitaly