Pia & Andreas // Wedding at Castello Odescalchi of Santa Marinella

The Castle Odescalchi of Santa Marinella, surrounded by the sea and a few kilometers from Rome, is one of the most exclusive locations in Lazio.
This is because this place is an old dwelling place which breathes a light air: the sun and the breeze of the sea air have always kept the secret of a story that has begun since the earliest times, when the castle was a majestic and unmistakable stronghold over the sea.
Pia and Andreas could not choose the best place to seal their love.

Young, beautiful and in love, Pia and Andreas are a very affectionate Norwegian couple. The lovers of Italy have decided to celebrate in the beautiful country, along with enchanted parents and friends. Their wedding was a very intimate and exciting one.
After finishing the preparations, her inside the castle, him in an hotel, they met in the courtyard of the castle where the celebration of the ceremony set on, the mother of the bride guiding through the civil ceremony. It was a very touching moment for them but also for us. Time for a kiss and away with applause. Then they moved on the wonderful seafront terrace where first an aperitif was taken and then dinner.
The wedding is complete and the day is perfect. In the air is the joy of love and in our hearts the memory of an everlasting emotion.

Location: Castello Odescalchi di Santa Marinella

Wedding Videographers: MOE films

Wedding Photographers: Nabis Photographers