engagement in apulia

July 17, 2018

Let’s meet Massimo and Cristina, a young couple so in love to make the world jealous.

This is not a marriage, but an engagement. We are in Apulia, more precisely at Torre Uluzzo.
Massimo, Cristina and their sweet daughter, Cloè, live in Rome, the city where their wedding will take place, but Cristina is so profoundly attached to her land that she wanted to immortalize their love here too.
Apulia is a region in the South of Italy, the “heel of the boot”. A beautiful region, rich in traditions, also culinary speaking, shrouded in a magical atmosphere, where the past embraces the present, and where ancient religions and traditions are protected, along with ancient customs that are perpetuated through rituals related to harvest, fishing, and the work of the master craftsmen. A perfect film set for directors and famous stars!

The place where we shoot the engagement video, Torre Uluzzo, is a coastal tower, partially collapsed, built on the top of a rocky spur. The shooting takes place at the first light of dawn. The only sound we hear is that of the sea and the seagulls. The light is marvelous; the red of the sun kisses the earth, and the slight sea breeze envelops us.
We spend about three hours with this future spouses. Sometimes we stop filming listening to Cristina who tells us stories about her land, and places everybody should see once in their life.