Indian Wedding in the Amalfi Coast

Ottobre 20-21, 2017

Amazement and wonder: these are the feelings that such a scenery inspires. A balcony between the blue cobalt sea and the rocky slopes of Lattari Mountains, and a succession of valleys and promontories between coves, beaches, and terraces of citrus cultivations, vines, and olive trees; the perfect union between man and nature. That’s the Amalfi Coast. Definitely a charming place where to get married. And here, we’ll work on an Indian wedding and we know this is a fantastic opportunity to create an incredible wedding video.

The day before the wedding we decide to take some shots with the drone so the next day we can focus on the couple.
Shankar and Jessie, the spouses, decided to celebrate their wedding on the terrace of a wonderful hotel overlooking the sea: the Gran Hotel Cocumella, an island of peace and beauty in the heart of the Sorrento Peninsula. It’s the first five-stars luxury hotel of the Coast of the Mermaids, a shelter loved by artists, scientists, and nobles, with a timeless atmosphere, so close to the ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum, and to the islands of Capri and Ischia.

The wedding day begins with the preparations of the bride and the groom inside the hotel, while on the terrace other people prepare the mandap and all the other arrangements. The mandap is enchanting, decorated with gorgeous flowers. Everything is ready for the ritual.
Shankar begins his walk to the mandap followed by his guests, with an Indian music; it is a very significant moment for their culture!
And here’s the bride, walking along the same path of the groom and reaching him under the mandap. The wedding ritual can start.
The ceremony lasts more than two hours, but it is so fascinating and full of many things that time flies away. It is a rare to have the chance to attend these kind of rituals, and we are so thrilled and grateful whet it happens.

After the ceremony, we take some shots of the bride and the groom together in the wonderful garden of the Gran Hotel Cocumella, and then we leave them enjoying the Indian buffet with their parents and friends.
But this wedding is not over yet: the next day there’s a night party at the Medieval Castle!
During the dinner, some guests dedicate a few words to the couple, and someone also projects videos that portray them. A fun and exciting moment, very enjoyable.
After the magic of the cake cutting, all the guests move inside the castle where a DJ is ready to entertain them for the whole night.

Thank you so much, Shankar and Jesse, for this unforgettable destination wedding and to give us the opportunity of being the directors of the video this stunning wedding!