wedding in borgo of tragliata

April 29, 2019

The Borgo of Tragliata is a wonderful location dating back to the etruscan period and immersed in the roman landscape.The structure consists of two farmhouses and two churches in baroque and medieval style.

The castle, built between the 9th and 10th centuries, had a difensive function and sighting and was visually connected with other surrounding towers, like the nearby Torre of Pascolaro; recently transformed a large farmhouse for residential and agricultural,

in some places you can see remains of masonry belonging to previous support of the fort.

The sides of the hill are dug in more parts from the typical caves, used in the course of the centuries like warehouses or shelter of animals.Privately owned, the castle has recently been converted into a holiday farm.

Today we want to present you a beautiful hindu wedding right in the amazing village of Tragliata.

The protagonists of this story are Kate and Dane, she scottish, he indian.

The hindu wedding is called Vivaha and is a deeply felt, colorful and participatory institution.

It’s a morning in late April when we arrive at the village and before starting to follow the couple in their clothes we spend some time doing some shooting with the drone to give a setting to our film.

So let’s start the preparations of our couple, which take place in two different sections of the village, both surrounded by their brothers and friends.

In the lawn of the village in the meantime they begin to set up the mandate, decorated with flowers and the banquet with all the elements necessary for the ritual.Fire in the symbolically most important element of the whole ceremony, which takes place almost always in sanskrit.

So everything is ready to start the ceremony,Dane accompanied by his family begins his walk towards the mandap, a very significant moment.

After a while here comes Katie and between a ritual and another we arrive at the moment when the groom puts red powder on the bride’s forehead to indicate that she has now become his wife.Families and guess make gifts to the couple and throw flower petals at them.

At the end we take a few minutes to do some video footage with the couple and then accompany them to a small Indian lunch inside the farm.

After a break of a new hours, the bride and groom change clothes, a white dress for the bride and a blue suit for the groom.

We go towards the sunset and therefore there is no better light to make filming around the village that offers so many breathtaking scenery.At the end of the shoot, the aperitif opens on the lawn and is followed by dinner ,this time Italian.

During dinner, some guests dedicate words of affection to the couple, a very exciting and enjoyable moment.After cutting the cake, bride, groom and guests move to another room where the band they choose is ready to entertain them all night long.

Thanks Katie and Dane for this beautiful wedding, so full of colors and different cultures.We can only get out of it enriched and satisfied.