wedding in Castello Odescalchi of Bracciano

August 17, 2018

Today we want to tell you about a different marriage, a Persian destination wedding in the enchanting Odescalchi Castle of Bracciano, located on the southern shore of Lake Bracciano.
As one of the largest and best-maintained castles in Italy, it also houses a museum; as a centre of cultural events, the Castello has hosted several high-profile weddings like the ones of Tom Cruise / Katie Holmes, Eros Ramazzotti / Michelle Hunker and Petra Ecclestone / James Stunt.

The Castello Orsini-Odescalchi is one of the most noteworthy examples of Renaissance military architecture in Italy and is the main monument in Bracciano. The castle underwent many renovations since its inception.

September 15th is a hot day at the end of summer,we go to the castle in the late morning so we can devote to the setting and some aerial shots with the drone.
Our couple, Eeman and Shane, are already inside the structure together with their guests.We follow their preparations in two beautiful connecting rooms of the castle.
Eeman, of Iranian origin is really a wonderful bride, we remain enchanted by its beauty and elegance.Shane, an Irish groom, waits for his future wife on the steps leading to the inner court.
Here the couple meet and together they go to the castle garden where the Persian ceremony will take place.
In the Persian tradition, bride and groom enter together, hand in hand and go to the banquet set up for them.
One of the main characteristics of the Persian wedding ceremony is the Sofreh-ye Aghd (wedding banquet), a very low table and richly prepared, whose preparation is particularly accurate as it is believed, and hopefully, that it is a good omen for life of the couple.Like other popular Persian traditions, this event has no Islamic roots,
but in the ancient Zoroastrian faith (based on the four elements of nature: earth, fire, water, wind) and for this reason it is present in every Iranian wedding regardless of the wedding couple’s faith.
On the sofreh, covered with a traditional white cloth, they can not miss:
a large mirror positioned in the center of the table, to bring light and brightness to the future,two candlesticks (sha’am) on the sides of the mirror that representing fire and energy,focaccia bread and feta cheese,decorated eggs, walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts, the Qur’an or other Holy Scriptures according to the faith,
the termeh (termeh) silk or cloth embroidered in gold, handed down for generations, to represent the family and tradition, a “Manghal” brazier with burning coals sprinkled with wild rue and the silk cloth or any other thin fabric that is held over the head of the couple during the ceremony.
It was an emotional ceremony where we also witnessed some very personal readings by some guests.
After the ceremony we take a tour inside the location to make some shots with married couples.
Then we cross the whole location up to the tower of the castle, where we open a fantastic view, the lake of Bracciano.
The day continues with a dinner in the inner hall of the castle, dinner is served buffet style where we find both local and Persian food.
We arrive then to the cut of the cake that is set up in the inner court where soon after the dances are opened.

A DJ entertains all guests until late at night, creating a joyful and fun atmosphere for everyone.
It was a beautiful wedding especially because we immersed ourselves in a fascinating and traditional culture like the Persian one.We are honored to have taken part in all this and wish the new couple a bright and satisfying future, thank you guys!