wedding in Castello Odescalchi of Santa Marinella

June 17, 2018

Today we want to present a new destination wedding.
This time we have a cool couple from Norway in love with Italy, and in particular with the location they chose: Castello Odescalchi of Santa Marinella.
In this place, even if it is an ancient home, you can breathe a light air: the light, the breeze, the smell of the sea, the harmony of the architecture.
In the gardens there’s a magical and spontaneous atmosphere. Spring and summer offer roses, agapanthus, plumbago, bougainvillea and wisteria with their characteristic violet shades of color. The presence of cactus plants of exceptional size inside the court is something extraordinarily unique. Prince Baldassarre fell in love with the beauty of their night-blooming flowers and decided to bring them from one of his trips to South America.

The couples who choose the castle for their wedding have the opportunity to celebrate the civil rite with official value, and the celebration can be set in the romantic courtyard with walls covered with flowers of a thousand colors, in the charming terraces overlooking the sea.
Pia and Andreas took a house next to the castle where they share the emotion of this day along with their friends.
After taking some shots with the drone for the wedding video, we meet with the bride and the groom; the real preparations for their wedding can start.
Pia is really excited and can’t stop smiling. She tells us about her life, her meeting with Andreas and their passion for travel, and especially for Italy. She tells us they lived in Florence and have a wonderful memory of that period. She say: “Italy is a wonderful country, so controversial and fascinating, I love it.”
The moment of the civil ceremony arrives. We are in the court of the castle. All the guests, after taking part in a small pre-wedding reception, are seated waiting for the groom who does not wait the bride as usual. Finally, Andreas makes his entrance with his mother to the strains of “Highway to hell” by AC/DC. So crazy and glorious! We believe his entrance will remain the most memorable one we took part. After a while, the shining bride enters with her father.
It is an inspiring civil ceremony, full of readings, tears, and sweet promises between the bride and the groom.

After the classic throwing of rice, the couple and the guests move to the castle terrace overlooking the sea. When the aperitif is consumed, it gives way to a candlelight dinner, under a starry sky.
During the dinner, the parents of the spouses dedicate a few words to the couple, touching them so deeply. So many hugs and tears of joy.
The cut of the cake takes place under the tower of the castle where, after some more toasts, begin the party with a DJ set that ends very late at night.
We leave very happy and pleased with this emotional wedding day.

It was an honor for us to take part in this wonderful wedding. Thank you, guys, and have a good life together!