wedding in Abruzzo, Villetta barrea

June 17, 2018

Today, we present a romantic destination wedding in Abruzzo.

Abruzzo is considered culturally, linguistically, historically, and economically a region of Southern Italy, although geographically is in the center.
The region is known as “the greenest region in Europe” because there are three national parks, one regional park, and 38 protected natural reserves.

Giancarlo, the groom, was born in Abruzzo, but now he lives in Los Angeles where he met his beautiful wife, Martyna, a girl with Polish origins.
“We decided to get married in Abruzzo because here are my origins and Martyna loves this land just like me.”
Villetta Barrea is a mountain village in the heart of the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio, and Molise, just on the Lake Barrea.
The couple and their guests stay at the Hotel degli Olmi where the wedding reception will take place.
Before going to the hotel, we do some shots with the drone, and we realize even better what a wonderful place it is.
Then we reach the couple in the hotel. Giancarlo and Martina get ready in two different rooms, together with bridesmaids and groomsmen.
For the ceremony, the couple chose the church of Santa Maria Assunta, situated in the center of the village.
Even though it is a religious ceremony, the spouses exchanged their promises through letters written by them; they were both thrilled and moved. Their profound love arrives at all the guests who make a big applause to celebrate this union.

After the traditional throwing of rice, together with the couple, we go to make some shots in the park and by the lake. And here’s the sunset that brings a magical light; the green of the trees and the yellow of the wheat create such an enchanted atmosphere, and we decide to enjoy it for a while. And like this view is not enough, the atmosphere becomes even more magical when we see some deer passing close to us.

Well, what to say… this place, wonderful and unique, is perfect for a wedding video!

After the sunset, we get back to the hotel for the wedding dinner. Between one plate and another, the spouses dance in the middle of the room, and some of the guests read the thoughts they wrote to the groom and the bride.
The party continues in another room with a DJ set. At the beginning, we didn’t understand why two guys living in the USA decided to marry in a small village of Abruzzo, but after this beautiful day, we understand entirely. It’s a dream place, a place where you can immerse in nature and feel all its perfumes, the peace, its incredible landscapes.

We hope that this video we’ll inspire you couples to celebrate your wedding day in such a place.
We want to thank this couple for their sweetness and for making us part of this day!