wedding in Capri

April 23, 2018

“Capri is one of the magnetic points of the universe, it’s the supreme moment of Mediterranean beauty. There exists a very lively relationship between the rock and the sea”

Capri is a Mediterranean island of calcareous origin that has been visited over the centuries by intellectuals, artists and writers, all enthralled by its magical beauty.
A mix of history, nature, worldliness, culture and events that daily blend together and bring the Legend of Capri to life; a legend that sees no comparison anywhere in the world.The coast is jagged with numerous caves and coves that alternate with steep cliffs;characteristic of Capri are the famous Faraglioni,three small rocky islands a short distance from the shore that create a scenic and landscape effect.
Our gorgeous couple has chosen this wonder of the world as the setting for their destination wedding.
James and Danielle is a beautiful english couple,they opted for an intimate marriage with their loved ones.They wanted to celebrate their wedding ceremony in the beautiful church in Anacapri:San Michele Arcangelo.
This church is located on Piazza San Nicola and built in 1719, it is octagonal in shape and of Baroque style.The church received a “monument” designation due to its notable majolica floor mosaic.

Here the couple exchanged their promises in a deeply felt and romantic atmosphere,followed by the classic throwing of rice together with the launch of balloons.
We then had the opportunity to go for a few shots with the couple,they were in a very nice vintage car that accompanied them to Villa San Michele.
The villa’s gardens have panoramic views of the town of Capri and its harbour, the Sorrentine Peninsula ,and Mount Vesuvius.The villa sits on a ledge at the top of the Phoenician Steps,between Anacapri and Capri, at a height of 327 meters above sea level.
San Michele’s gardens are adorned with many relics and works of art dating from ancient Egypt and other periods of classical antiquity.
Then it’s time to go to the location of their choice:Lido del Faro.
The D’Esposito family built the Lido amidst the rocks of Capri’s jagged coastline in 1971, taking great care so as to not tarnish in any way the immense natural beauty of the place.

The restaurant Lido del Faro, which boasts a splendid terrace overlooking the sea surrounding the lighthouse of Punta Carena, is renowned for its traditional cuisine and, in particular, its seafood specialities.
It was a very intimate dinner where we also witnessed personal speeches from guests.
One of the most beautiful moments was the cut of the cake on the terrace of the restaurant, overlooking the sea where we could see the waves crashing against the rocks.
Not far from a rock terrace, the groom and the bride opened the dances with a waltz.
As they danced it seemed as if the waves were going to the rhythm of the music, on the high tones the water banged hard on the rocks creating a really fantastic scenery,it almost seemed like a movie scene, it was our movie.
It was then up to the dj to involve the guests to dance and so it was.
The party continued all night long under a starry sky and the sea was an outline.
What to say... thank you guys for making us participate in all this and good life together.