Wedding in the National Institute of Roman Studies

May 17, 2017

Rome is the capital of the world! In this place, the whole history of the world is linked up again, and I can say to be born a second time the day I arrived in Rome.
Today, we want to present a beautiful destination wedding in Rome, just in the heart of the Aventine. This is one of the most exclusive places where to celebrate your wedding: we’re talking of the Institute of Roman Studies.
The institute was founded in 1925 by Carlo Galassi Paluzzi, and, as we said, it is based in the Aventine, in the former convent attached to the Basilica of Saints Bonifacio and Alessio. With its sixteenth-century cloister and the terrace offering one of the most beautiful views of the capital, the institute is a location of great elegance and prestige, ideal for couples who want to entertain friends and relatives in a fine and elegant atmosphere and have a memorable wedding day and wedding video.
What really leaves you breathless is the terrace used as a garden that can be reached through a loggia with three arches, overlooking the Tiber.
From here, you can enjoy one of the most striking views of the capital, which includes the Dome of St. Peter, and, in the afternoon, the incomparable charm of the sunset over the rooftops of Rome.

We have a beautiful Italian wedding video to shoot here today, and we hope it will inspire those of you who are planning a perfect destination wedding.
Anna, an English girl, is going to marry Daniel, an Italian guy.
The day begin with Anna’s getting ready in a very bright apartment right in front of the Roman Studies; a wonderful light filtered through the window, gently illuminating the already so radiant face of the bride.

This morning, the light on Rome is so magical that it makes the location even more timeless. The wedding ceremony takes place on the terrace of Roman Studies through a civil celebration enriched with personal readings made by some guests. So moving and romantic!

After the traditional throwing of rice, we allow ourselves a short walk in the garden of the Roman Studies and along the Tiber to make some shots of the couple,.
The dinner is served in the Cloister, and the the bride and the groom with their guests give to life a great party on the terrace where they dance until late at night with traditional music and songs, under a starry sky and with a unique, stunning view.

An extraordinary wedding! Thank you, Anna and Daniel!