wedding at villa erba, lake of como

April 29, 2019

“When you look at the sky over Lake Como, it’s clear that god exists” (Robin Williams)

Today we tell you about wedding of Ash and Maurizio, who chose the enchanting Villa Erba as their location in Cernobbio.

Villa Erba is one of the most important villas of Lake Como, famous for being the destination of many celebrities and scenery of films like “Ludwig” by Luchino Visconti and “Ocean’s Twelve” by Steven Soderbergh.

It was built, between 1898 and 1901, to show the wealth and importance of the Erba family and in those years it often hosted artists where an intense cultural and social life took place.

On a warm August morning we arrive at Villa Erba where we meet our couple of Indian and Italian origins.

The ceremony was held outdoors under the Mandapa, a gazebo decorated with various flowers and the sacred fire called Samagree was lit.

During the ritual, the couple exchange garlands of flowers called Jayamaalas, so that everyone knows that their hearts are in unison and united as the waters. A mark is made with the red kum-kum, a powder made from turmeric or saffron on the forehead of each participant. Red is also the wedding dress of Ash, a color considered to be a good omen. The main and central part of the rite consists of the seven steps, which the spouses perform around the sacred fire reciting invocations and promises for their future married life.

The Indian ceremony so full of colors, scents and emotions has intoxicated all the guests who came from various parts of the world to witness the union of Ash and Maurizio.

After the ceremony, everyone was invited to an aperitif in the garden of the villa. In this relaxed atmosphere we did some shooting to the couple by the lake.

Before the wedding reception, all the guests and the bride and groom go away to rest and change clothes.

When the time of sunset came, we went with Ash and Maurizio by boat on the Lake of Como. The light is perfect and the view is breathtaking.

The evening arrived and the toasts begin during dinner until they reach the intense and exciting moment of the speeches, where relatives and friends dedicate various speeches to the newlyweds.

At the cake cut, the emotions culminate with spectacular fireworks. we thank Ash and Maurizio for having made us part of this tale of a thousand and one nights.